Salute Yourself

With our bodies continually changing, I believe postpartum has been the most overwhelming hurdle of them all. The battle psychologically is the ultimate showdown. I consider myself a very optimistic being, and I found extreme difficulty creating a balance after my third child. 

Breastfeeding, odd sleeping routines, several creative ventures, managing numerous social media platforms while juggling a part-time advertisement designer remote job for a developed and needy company, I don’t salute myself enough. One thing I’ve learned is how crucial a schedule is. I lived a carefree lifestyle for most of my life and never seen the importance of a set routine. Yes, I wrote goals and mini-goals to help accomplish larger goals, but I only utilized a schedule to clock into a 9-5.  Can you imagine the hardship of creating a routine for my children when the prior 26 years of my life, I have never seen a need for it? It seemed utterly ludicrous that this simplicity would solve so many issues, but it has. 


Let us say you surpass a schedule; next in line to bat is your slothful thoughts and excuses. We only live once, and persons with limitations don’t use their physical as an excuse; being tired is a state of mind. I remember working door to door, Monday-Saturday from 7-7 pm at 17 years old, selling makeup through rain, sleet, hail, or snow (I made more money on those days because people admire my commitment, lol); my drive is different. My brain is programmed to go through the most unfavorable weather. Everyday gifted to us is an opportunity for advancement, to look at the things we desire to change and get it done. With things quickly developing, I am incredibly grateful to have a husband who pushes me to tears. Most of the time, I’m not too fond of it, but I needed it, still need it, and thank you.

The last hurdle is the ability to overlook social media’s high demand to be perfect. You don’t need to be. I gained most of my self-acceptance through creative photoshoots. When I learned how to bounce good vibrations, viral content became a breeze. Not shooting for two years and trying to create the same content I’ve been making since 16 because it is trending now was weird. Words to describe my feelings; overdone, overrated, too second nature, not creative, too easy. I could have done it, but I watched thousands of females take that route, and it wasn’t one I wanted to walk again. What comes easy to me isn’t fulfilling, and I get a thrill from not knowing. I felt that I witnessed enough to back away at the perfect time and pick up another creative venture.

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