Possesions of the Universe

You can not think for another individual or make them happy, and children are not an exception. Each person experiences the results of his or her principles, beliefs, and thoughtfulness. Love and respect for your children should still be present. Considering their intelligence, individuality, and liberty to be themselves are ways to respect them. The child’s thoughts and interpretation of events determine their state of mind, which explains why one spoiled child presented everything, is still disappointed, dissatisfied, and always irritable. In contrast, another child who may have little attention or possessions is joyous and optimistic about life and possibilities. When parents live a balanced and straightforward life with sincerity, children will follow their example.
Figuring out your dream or what’s fittest for yourself is difficult, making it impossible to know for your children. They are individuals with their interpretations of life and experience; as parents, we are guides, not drivers.
Parents should allow their children to see their mistakes because the child will confront similar challenges. Life is an incredibly challenging mental battle, and no internet search engine can reevaluate your relationship. It doesn’t have an intuitive mind to make rational decisions over your relationship with your children. Stop googling. What’s the big deal of not knowing the answers? These are the same reasons you shouldn’t allow others’ opinions to dictate your relationships because they were not there through it all to feel the way you think.