How do you achieve commitment in a relationship?

We’ve all met folks who are in serious relationships and envied them. What exactly do we mean when we say “committed”? The majority of couples are brought together by sexual attraction or mutual interests. They are not immediately profoundly committed to one another; it takes time. When you’ve been together for years and made a concerted effort to discuss all aspects of your lives, both the good and bad, you’ll form a bond that’s tough to break.


On the road to success, many times, we feel exhausted. People drain your positive energy with negatives. But it’s the negatives that create your positive reality. The trial and error process welcomes new ideas, a gift that creates opportunities that will drive you towards your legend if you let it.

Salute Yourself

With our bodies continually changing, I believe postpartum has been the most overwhelming hurdle of them all. The battle psychologically is the ultimate showdown. I consider myself a very optimistic being, and I found extreme difficulty creating a balance after my third child.